About Us

Z. C. Ronogil Investments Ltd is a family business, specializing in high yield investment property in Israel and worldwide.
The company was founded in 2002 by Hezi Chermoni, formerly Tadiran Communications CEO, and is owned by Hezi and Zophy Chermoni. Ronogil commenced its operation in the Indian sub-continent and in recent years has invested in several locations in Israel and Britain. Ronogil performs professional evaluation of risk management, by employing due diligence, and researching the property prevailing market opportunities thoroughly.
Our investments are carefully chosen with a long-term strategic investment horizon in mind, in order to minimize risk and maximize yield.
ZCR Solutions AG
A base swiss company, active in the high yield loans arena with main activity allocating and providing mezzanine loans focused on Real Estate properties.
 Going Strong
In challenging times like this, where many businesses encounter a credit crunch, the benefits of having personal funds are greater than ever. The fact that we are a family business with liquid funds frees us from the shackles of bureaucracy, and enables us the autonomy to quickly and efficiently exhaust the best investment opportunities available; identifying the potential, making a quick decision and responding promptly to attain a rewarding property investment.
Investment Security – Second to None
Our vast knowledge and experience enable us to provide our investment partners with peace of mind, alongside a strong capital growth and high return on investment. Our collaborative culture facilitates a partnerships based on trust and liability, unparalleled customer service, alongside uncompromising expertise, unique insights and a pursuit of excellence.
A Family Affair
Since Ronogil is a privately owned investment company, founded on personal funds, it has a clear decision making and profit sharing procedure and what the shareholders need is exactly what the managing directors want. What drives us is our family commitment and a long term investment horizon. Since we are using our own equity with low debt, we can be patient with finding the optimal investment, however, we are free to experiment in remote prospective markets. We are flexible and dynamic, therefore we can respond faster to changing circumstances. We are proud of our family; in its tradition on the one hand and its novelty on the other and we intend to do anything in our power to preserve its success.
Our Team
  • Hezi Chermoni | Founder

    Hezi is the founder of ZC Ronogil Investments Ltd.

    He received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

    Hezi is a member of the Board Of Governors, Tel Hai College and active in the College investments committee.
  • Zophy Chermoni | Founder

    In 2002, Zophy together with Hezi founded the company, since foundation Zophy is responsible for the risk management assesment and the company's strategy.

    Zophy has M.A. Degree in Meteorology from Bar-Ilan University University.

    In addition to Zophy company activity, She is an artist.

  • Ronen Chermoni | CEO

    He earned his undergraduate degree from The College of Management.
    In 1997, prior to joining Ronogil, he was the founder and director of an import-export-financing company that operated in Israel, Europe, USA and the Far East. In 2007 he sold the company to private investors.

  • Noam Chermoni | Fix income manager

    Noam is a member of Ronigil's board of directors and Manage the Fix Income arena, trading and investments.
    Noam is responsible for a private equity High Tech activity.

    Noam is A software engineering undergraduate from Tel-Hai College.
  • Gilad Chermoni, Advocate | Business Development Manager

    Gilad is the director of business development and the legal counsel of the company.

    He holds a bachelor's degree in law and Governance and LL.M from IDC Herzlya.